Frequently Asked Questions

Moving with IN & OUT:

Our prices are simple:

We have flat rate moving, which will include any travel fees, material costs or service fees.
This rate will be quoted to you on the phone or by email.
After that, we charge by the half-hour, at a clear and reasonable rate.  No funny stuff – and no surprises. Just great service.

Here’s how we are different:

Unlike other moving companies who charge you ‘dock to dock’ fees-charging you for the time ‘it may’ take them to get there.

Our clock starts when we arrive and ends when we leave – fair and simple

Plus, our movers don’t ‘milk the clock’ or take their time. Everyone of our clients is amazed at how quick we work. Your things are moved safely and efficiently, in way less time then other companies. We take pride in this. And it’s because of this work ethic that we book mostly through referral.

Included with every move:





Furniture pads

Stretch Wrap

Basic tools

Standard level of insurance.

Local travel time (free)

Stairs (free)

Heavy items (free)

Furniture disassembly and reassembly (free)

Fast, fun, and professional service. (always included!)

The simple answerer is no. For two, three, or even four flights of stairs, there is no charge. Sometimes, depending on the distance from the truck to your home we may insist on an extra men. Usually this will work out better anyways, although it’s extra for the additional help, the overall job will move faster – and in the end you will save.

Also, if you require something moved up an extreme amount of stairs, like a couch taken up 14 flights– we’re in. For this we can offer ‘flat rate moving.

For Toronto and North York moving, there are no travel fees associated with your local move. Your clock will begin when your movers arrive. and end when they leave.

Long distance relocation is made simple with IN AND OUT MOVING Co. – Moving from Toronto; or to it, we can help. We travel all across Canada, from Vancouver & Calgary to Montreal & Nova Scotia. For a quote please give us a call.

Last minute moving in Toronto, North York, and the rest of the GTA can be done on demand. There are no extra fees for last minute moves, and we are always available to deliver great service.

Your moving time will depend on a few key components:

 How much stuff you have

The obvious factor is the amount of stuff you have. The number of boxes, pieces of furniture,or delicacy of certain items are main factors.

Packing and Organization.

We’ve seen whole houses get moved in literally a few hours and conversely small apartments take ages.’ Packing and organization are the keys to a quick-and even cheap move.

Packing t

**Using medium, to larger sized boxes of a similar size makes for easy carrying, easy transport on dollies, and easy packing into the truck.

 **Keep a clear workspace. This allows us to move quickly and efficiently, and keeps a safe working space.

How far you have to travel.

Toronto traffic and distance are the main factors to consider in local moving and relocation. The time of day will certainly account for how long it will take between pick-up and drop-off. If possible plan your Toronto move before or after rush hours. We don’t mind early starts to avoid congestion on the roads and highways.

Challenging Furniture

Furniture  and items that require assembly, disassembly, or a lot of maneuvering will add to the moving time.

Pianos, pool tables, oversized armoires, and appliances will also consume a bit more time as well. In really challenging situations two men may not be enough. In these cases it’s advised to use additional movers to speed things up, and in turn, save on your overall bill. Also, consider disassembly of your furniture prior to your movers arrival to cut down on your moving time.

Rule of thumb estimates for moving times in Toronto and North York, (based on full apartments.)

Apartment / Condo: 1 bedroom suite: 1.5 – 3.5 hours
Apartment / Condo: 2 bedroom 2 – 4.5 hours
Apartment / Condo: 3 bedroom 3.5 – 5.5 hours
2 bedroom house 4 – 7.5 hours
3 bedroom house 5 – 8.5 hours

 After calling IN AND OUT MOVING and giving us an accurate description of your things, and the details of your move we will give you a pretty solid estimate based on previous moves.

We always aim to go faster then our estimates, and take pride in doing them in way less time when we can.


IN & OUT / Toronto Movers: 416-819-0307