Packing Boxes


If well organized and packed properly, you will save a ton of time and money.


Seal Boxes Properly

Boxes should close properly at the top and bottom, without bulging. This will allow them to stack properly in the truck, and actually allows movers to carry more at a time.


The Weight of Boxes

The heavier the contents of the box, the smaller the box should be. In general, boxes should not exceed 20 or 30 pounds.


Plate glass should be wrapped in cardboard, or padded.


Organizing Boxes

Boxes stacked in one pile or area, will allow movers to clear them out faster and to better organize fragile boxes.


Same Sized Boxes

Moves trend to go way faster when boxes are the same size, or sizes. It becomes easier to transport to the truck, allows them to stack more efficiently.



Make sure all dishes, cups, and glass are packaged properly. All should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap, and there should be no room for them to move in the box.