Moving Services



From a single room to a 5,000 sq ft family home IN & OUT can provide the moving service to get you into your next home as quick and secure as possible. We aim to create as stress-free and enjoyable of an experience as possible. We offer ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘ moving service.



A. ‘IN & OUT’: You pack. We move.

For those who would simply like their things moved, we offer fast and friendly moving service.

B. ‘The Whole Shebang’: We pack. We move.

If you would also like your stuff packed, IN & OUT MOVING offers packing services. We bring a packing team and all the boxes necessary to get you moved.

All our services include:

– Fast and friendly service

– Truck(s)

– 2 or more movers

– Mattress Covers

– Furniture protection

– Standard insurance

– Basic tools for dissemble or assembly

– WSIB covered

– Clean Standards


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Fuel and materials are included in your quoted rate, so there are never any hidden or surprise charges. The only extra thing is sales tax (HST).

Also, we don’t charge extra fees for stairs or heavy items.

You can pay at the end of your move by cash or credit card. (Visa or MasterCard. Unfortunately, we don’t accept American Express.)

Basic things included in our service are: friendly movers, a truck, protective wrapping, tape, mattress covers, basic tools, and dollies.

No “surprise charges” and simple hourly rates.




All of our team are recruited, trained and retained by us.

Our 16ft cube trucks are the standard size. They can fit up to 1,000 sq ft home in each (The equivalent of most 2 bedroom condos. ] In the case of bigger homes we prefer to send 2 to 3 cube trucks. We do provide up to 26ft trucks when the job suits it. However, 16ft cube trucks are often faster to load and can park easier.




Furniture Pads are loaned to you at no additional charge during the move. These are useful for protecting furniture and wrapping art, ceramics, and flat-screen TV’s.



Stretch-wrap provided free with the cost of the move. It is useful for keeping surfaces clean during transportation and keeping blankets secured on to furniture. Also, items going into storage can be kept dust and moisture free.



Taping can be fun and rewarding. We bring this too. Free tape is included in the price of your move. Yeah!



Dollies are a great way to move stacks of boxes – and look stylish at the same time. They are among the standard moving equipment we bring to each move.


Mattress covers or plastic wrap are included in the cost of each move.