We have no hidden fees.  Our base rate covers everything.

  • We don’t charge extra for stairs or heavy items.
  • You pay at the end of the move.
  • No dock to dock travel time on local moves.
  • We start our billing time when we get there.
  • Plus, no extra charge for using Credit Card.

We are able to accept Visa, MasterCard, or cash. We do not accept (AmEx)

Payment is due at the completion of your move.

No deposit is required for moves.


There are several factors that determine the total time it takes to complete your move.

Here are a few factors:

  • How many boxes
  • How much furniture
  • How many odds and ends (unpacked items)
  • How many flights of stairs
  • Size of elevator
  • Long hallways/long carry out to the truck
  • How many items need to be disassembled & reassembled
  • How close we are able to park the truck to your location

When Planning for the cost of your move it’s important to understand whether or not your move fits within the average move. Remember, an average will contain people who are moving furniture only as well as those with a full house. The following is what we have found to be the average amount of time it takes to move:


Studio/ 1 Bedroom (600sf) 2-3 Hours (2 movers)

2 Bedrooms (800sf) 3-5 Hours (2-3 movers)

3 Bedrooms (1300sf) 4-6 Hours (2-3 movers)

4 Bedrooms (1800sf) 6-8 Hours (3-4 movers)

5 Bedrooms (2000+sf) 8-10 Hours (4-5 movers)

Yes we do. Although tipping is not mandatory, and you may tip as you like, the same way tipping is optional at restaurants and bars. Tips should reflect your satisfaction with the job and appreciation for the efforts of your crew. As in any service industry, the gratuities movers receive are a significant portion of their compensation for a very physically demanding profession. Movers expect to make money on tips, however, the tip will not influence the level of service you receive.

As is the case with most services, the moving industry standard tip is about 15-20% of the total move divided among your moving crew (rather than a certain amount per person)  If you’re move is a bit more challenging or you’re asking the movers to disassemble and reassemble any of your furniture, or pack for you, you might want to tip more. If you’re extremely satisfied with the way the movers handled your job, you might want to tip more.


Our goal is a zero mistake policy.  We have the highest standards in protecting your belongings ahead of moving it. Padding, plastic wrap, and skill come standard with each move. We do the utmost to protect your stuff and move it swiftly.

Some people prefer us to take as much time making all preparations as necessary before moving their belongings.

Other people accept the odd scuff here and there as being an unavoidable if they want to go as swiftly possible and communicate that with us.

We have full respect for your wishes, belongings, and budget.

Although unacceptable mistakes rarely happen, if it does we will fix any item, or replace any item if it is not fixable.

If a fair mistake does happen, we abide by the federally mandated $.60 per pound for any “damaged” item.

The internals of electronics and also modular furniture (a.k.a Ikea) are not covered.


Our standard sized truck is the 16ft Cube Van. Its the fastest to load and park. It can usually benefit spaces up to 1000 sq ft

Bigger spaces with more challenging parking, or to maximize logistics will usually benefit from several 16ft Cube trucks or repeat trips.

Bigger spaces that are traveling a fair distance between locations may benefit from having one or more 26ft trucks. These trucks are a bit trickier to accommodate parking for and may face restricted parking issues. These size trucks are also a bit more cumbersome to load.

We will determine which size truck you need through our communications.

Please be as accurate as possible in listing the contents and describing any challenges that we may face. This will help us fully prepare. Please click here to use our inventory tool.

We have seen and handled every situation possible.
Our teams are total professionals who will deal with whatever comes up.

It is the clients responsibly to book elevator time and secure parking ahead of the moving date. Be as generous with the allotted time as possible. Deposits may have to be placed with the building management to secure a moving date. It is wise to continue to follow up with management and make sure they do not ‘double book’ your reserved time. It is not uncommon for this to happen. It is the client’s responsibility to cover any parking related fees or tickets. Please do your best to secure parking ahead of the movers arrival and to find out if there are any “No Stopping” or restricted street parking times.

We offer packing service.

This is meant to happen before the move date. (Please ask us for details).

For the fastest and safest possible move, all items should be fully contained.

We can help with any disassembly or reassembly for furniture.

As a convenience we offer free use of wardrobe boxes and can quickly accommodate a fair amount of hanging clothes that you would like to avoid being wrinkled.