Moving Checklist

…Pack things you don’t use often. Begin a few weeks before your moving date.


Purge. Take stock of what you have. Consider getting rid of all unused items, also which items and furniture will fit into your new space.


Pick your moving date.


Contact movers for availabilities and rates. When it comes to moving dates, ‘the early bird gets the worm.’ Booking in advance, or the middle of the month typically will get you better rates.


Book your elevator times.


Pack and label boxes.


Place clothes into wardrobe boxes and suitcases.


Pack dishes.  Between each of them there should be some kind of padding like newspaper, towels, etc. If you can hear them clambering together, that is a sign that more padding is needed.


Check all storage places and cupboards.


Make sure all loose things are bundled or contained.


Take apart furniture and items that are too big to fit through doorways, hallways, stairs, or elevators.


Make arrangements to transfer plants, pets, and valuable ahead of time. You may wish to store them at a friend, or family’ members house between the moving process.


Disconnect propane from the BBQ and remove gas from the lawn mower. Legally movers are not permitted to carried these types of flammables and combustibles.


Give your moving company directions and instructions on parking.


Breath deeply, and have a bottle of wine chilling on the other end. Everything will go smoothly with a little bit of preparation.


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